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I always like the variety of menu items and am always pleasantly surprised with how quickly the food arrives.


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The food was divine! Owner delivered it himself. Golden experience.


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very tasty but small portions on some items


3 reviews
Each item was truly spectacular!!


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Truffle fries were amazing

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The rich and flavorful tapas from Lexington Social is perhaps inspired by a region a bit closer to the Italian border than most, as it borrows heavily (and well) from Italian cuisine. Started with the Guideas. Fried artichokes with chipotle mayo. Batter-free, non-oily, nice combination of chewy and crispy. Hit the choppers with a toothpick and soldiered on. Next came the Malfatis, spinach and ricotta dumplings in herbed butter. Homey and old world tasty, but the star of this show is the liquid gold in which the dumplings are doing the back stroke. I spilled some on my shirt, and was far more concerned about the loss of the butter than the loss of the shirt. Im not much of a bread and butter girl, and even less a dunker, but I used the firm peasant bread accompanying my order to do just that. Then came the pumpkin soup creamy yet light, cool and citrus-y yet warm with spice. Youll want more. Like, a tub full. This was followed by the Albondigas, firm, flavorful, not-so-mini meatballs in a wine sauce with currants and pine nuts. Hearty and beefy and fun to play guess-that-spice with. Then the show-stopper. The Datiles. Plump, sweet dates filled with creamy goat cheese and wrapped in smoky pancetta. This pig candy is nothing short of amazing. Gotta thank Seamless for this discovery. I expect to have trouble sleeping tonight, knowing the caliber of leftovers in my fridge. That, and I still smell like herbed butter. Delivery was prompt and polite, with extra points for packaging (no styrofoam, no staples).


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I love the marinated olives!!!! The papas are amazing! The truffle oil is very subtle and not too "truffley". Wish they had a bigger menu online! Oh--if you order the eggs benedict online its not as described, still very good but just the eggs on top of potatoes with canadian bacon--i called them and they said its because otherwise it wouldn't travel well. The pancetta wrapped dates are great but a little overwhelming, its a lot of cheese, the spinach ricotta dumplings are great. The only thing I did not like were the fried artichokes--i have no idea how people eat them, fried artichoke hearts might work but I didn't even know how to eat the tough greasy leaves I could barely gnaw through--maybe I got a bad one? But I really love this place, one of my favorites.


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Very good and very friendly.

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Dinner, Sandwiches, Tapas
Takeout: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Lexington Social is a friendly neighborhood Tapas Wine Bar located in the up & coming "Spanish Harlem". You are sure to enjoy the delicious Mediterranean style Tapas, extensive wine list, 8 tap beers (3 which of are seasonal), seasonal cocktails & sangria all which will leave your taste buds wanting more. The decor feels vintage romantic while the atmosphere is both upbeat & intimately social. Its easy to meet new people, relax with a group of friends while enjoying a signature cocktail. Host your next party with us or ask about our catering. We plan events to suit your needs.